2017-2018 SEASON​



Carli J. Xcel Silver: 1st on Floor, Vault, and All Around

Marley L. Xcel Silver: 1st on Bars and Beam

Janailyn M. Xcel Gold: 1st on Bars and Floor

​Daisy M Xcel Silver: 1st on Bars

Brishae W. Xcel Gold: 1st on Floor

Peyton B. Boys level 5: 1st on Vault, High Bar, and All Around 

Aaron M. Boys JD: 1st on Floor, High Bar, and All Around

Abriana H. Girls level 3: 1st on Floor and All Around

Jacob G. Boys level 10: 1st on Vault and Floor

Charles L. Boys JD: 1st on Pommel

Kaleigh-Ann N. Girls level 7: 1st on Bars

Bradley R. Boys level 6: 1st on Pommel

Some of our instructors put on a fabulous show Saturday, August 12th.

They were spectacular!  CLICK HERE to watch some videos of their performance.  

We hope to see you at our next show!

Lakeshore Boy's Gymnastics Level 5 won

3rd place team in the State of OHIO!!​​

At the HIGH ENERGY Boy Gymnastics Competition November of 2017,

our boys team did great!

Boys Level 5:  1st Place Team

Boys Level 6 division 1: 2nd Place Team

Boys Level 6 division 2: 1st Place Team

Gold: 2nd place team

Level 6: 3rd place team

Platinum: 3rd place team

WOW!! Tonio Lopez is Regional Champion on Vault.

​1st place!!!!

Our Prestige Girls Gymnastics Team took the cake at Flytz in November 2017.  Wonderful Job Girls! 


Level 3: 1st place team

Level 4: 1st place team

Silver: 1st place team

Level 7: 2nd place team

Dance Gymnastics & Cheer

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​Glimmer and Onyx All-star Cheer teams took 2nd and 3rd place at the Kalahari Cheer Competition December 3rd.  We are so proud of them!!

Starbound Dance Competition May 6-7, 2017:

Sapphire Co. won High Gold for Jazz, Gold for Tap and Elite Gold for Hip Hop

Senior Hip Hop Co. won Elite Gold & 1st Overall Elite Groups

Senior Tap won High Gold

Senior Trio won Gold & High Gold


Lauryn Brown won High Gold & Emotional Award

Harper Sammett won High Gold

Eva Anderson won Elite Gold, Intensity Award and 3rd place over all.

The level 2 Girls Prestige Gymnastics Team won 1st place at the

UP side of DOWNS competition December 3rd 2017!  Wonderful!  Congrats to Tristyn C. and Leonna J. for winning all around!

On December 1-3, 2017 at the Judge's Cup Gymnastics Competition our Girl's Prestige Gymnasts did wonderful.  Taking many many 1st places on individual events as well as several 1st place ALL AROUND finishes!  Be sure to congratulate these 

All Arounders levels 3-7 and Xcel....

Zarria H., Caroline J., Ella M., Gianna P., Brianna R., Ava S., Mijah T., and Alex T.

Teacher HB won a Choreography Award at Starbound Dance 

Competition May 7th, 2017!!