Lakeshore Dance & Gymnastics

Lakeshore Gym, a 23,000 square feet facility is one of the more modern gyms in the area. With two large Dance Studios boasting custom-built dance floors, parents enjoy watching through the viewing area.

The Girl's Competitive Gymnastics area includes a full size Spring Floor, 4 Uneven Bars, High Bar over in-ground pit, 2 Vault Tables, 6 Regulation Balance Beams, including Low and Floor Beams and 2 Tumble Tracks.

The Boy's Competitive Gymnastics area includes Rings, 2 sets of Parallel Bars, 2 Pommel Horses, 2 High Bars (one over an in-ground pit), Uneven Bars, a Full-Size Spring Floor and 2 Tumble Tracks.

The Competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics Team use a separate full size Spring Floor as well as train at JCC on Saturday.

There is nothing more adorable than watching our preschoolers in their very own rec area utilizing state of the art equipment, including a large floor, 5 Beams, 5 Bars of various styles, Vaulting Area and Tumble Track.

Stop by anytime and take a tour!