Dance Gymnastics & Cheer

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Lakeshore Gym, a 23,000 square feet facility is one of the more modern gyms in the area. With two large Dance Studios boasting custom-built dance floors, parents enjoy watching through the viewing area.

The Girl's Competitive Gymnastics area includes a full size Spring Floor, 4 Uneven Bars, High Bar over in-ground pit, 2 Vault Tables, 6 Regulation Balance Beams, including Low and Floor Beams and 2 Tumble Tracks.

The Boy's Competitive Gymnastics area includes Rings, 2 sets of Parallel Bars, 2 Pommel Horses, 2 High Bars (one over an in-ground pit), Uneven Bars, a Full-Size Spring Floor and 2 Tumble Tracks.

The Competitive Cheer Teams use a separate Spring Floor as well as a 48-foot Tumble Strip ending in an in-ground pit.

There is nothing more adorable than watching our preschoolers in their very own rec area utilizing state of the art equipment, including a large floor, 5 Beams, 5 Bars of various styles, Vaulting Area and Tumble Track.

Stop by anytime and take a tour!