Lakeshore Dance & Gymnastics

INDIVIDUAL STUDIES, Ages 8-18 years old

BALLET: Ages 7-18, Co-ed

Classical ballet technique will be taught, students will learn proper body alignment and they will work on flexibility and strength. They will develop coordination and confidence.

Ballet is the foundation of all genres of dance.

TAP:  Ages 7-18, Co-ed

Tap class will work on rhythm, creating musicality. Proper technique and control will be the focus. 

JAZZ:  Ages 7-18, Co-ed

The fundamentals of proper body alignment with an upbeat rhythm based style will be the basis of this class. A strong ballet foundation will help this study of dance. Jazz will include, leaps and turns.

MODERN:  Ages 8-18, Co-ed

Originally Modern was an off shoot of classical ballet, the tradition was broken away from creating a more "modern" form of dance, but still maintaining a very strong foundation and core strength. There is room for interpretation and improvisation in this style of dance.

HIP HOP:  Ages 5-18, Co-ed

Hip Hop is  a rhythm focused popular dance style, incorporating popping, locking and the most current dance styles around, plus more. This is a high energy class designed to engage and educate students with natural rhythm and movement. 

COMBINATION CLASSES, Ages 3-10 years old

CREATIVE DANCE: Ages 3-5, Co-ed - Ballet, Tap, & Tumbling

Little ones in creative dance will get a rounded foundation.  Learning Ballet and Tap basics as well as getting some tumbling in for strength and coordination development.

DANCE COMBO:  Ages 5-7, Co-ed - Ballet, Tap, and Jazz

At this stage our young dancers take on 3 studies of dance to create a diverse dancer.  These studies are often considered the core of all dance styles.

BALLET/TAP:  Ages 4-10, Co-ed - Ballet and Tap

​ The time spent on Ballet and Tap will be longer than in the combination classes listed above. They will focus on classical ballet vocabulary and proper technique.  Progression of ballet and tap steps will continue.


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