Lakeshore Dance & Gymnastics

TUMBLING CLASSES for BOYS and GIRLS,  AGES 7 to 11 years old

Great prep for Cheerleading!

Tumbling Beginner/Intermediate level:  7-18 years old,  Co-ed

This level concentrates on skills such as Cartwheels, Round-offs, Handstands, Walk-overs, and Back handsprings.  Once a child successfully passes out of this level by attaining their back handspring, they get to move on to the advanced level.

Tumbling Advanced level:  7-18 years old, Co-ed

At this level the instructors focus on both running tumbling (round-off back handsrping, front handsprings) and work toward getting Tucks and Layouts.  Coaches are qualified to teach all the way up to Layout Fulls.

PRESCHOOL AGES 16 months to 5 years old Co-Ed

GUPPIES: 16 months to 2 years old for BOYS & GIRLS

Parent & Toddler class

While learning to socialize and interact with other kids, our Guppies Gymnastics class focuses on building coordination, fine motor skills, bone and muscle development.  

TADPOLES: 3 to 4 years old for BOYS & GIRLS

Introducing the foundation of gymnastics by working on strength development, coordination, and balance.  Learning to take turns and getting socialized with other kids by doing partner work.  Starting work on cartwheels, rolls, basic beam walks and bar skills.

FROGS:  4 to 5 years old for BOYS & GIRLS

With the students being slightly older, we now start giving multi-step instructions and more complicated skills.  Both working as an individual and as a team, we begin to see more gymnastics skills being developed.  More defined Cartwheels, Beam walks and Balances, Rotating around the bar, and more!

SWORDFISH:  4 to 5 years old for BOYS only

With the same goals as our Frogs class, with Swordfish we take the boys over to the Boy's gymnastics equipment.  Adding Rings, Pommel Horse, and Parallel Bars to the mix.


GOLDFISH:  4 to 5 years old *Invitation only, Girls

​Prerequisite: Frogs

In Goldfish we add more complicated technique to skills.  Also because of the child's strength and coordination differences from the Frogs level, we can begin working on Bridges and Rolling on flat surfaces.

SUNBEAMS:  5 to 7 years old *Invitation only, Girls

Prerequisite: Goldfish or Stepping Stones level 1

This class is preteam and will be preparing for competitive

USA Gymnastics level 2.

BARRACUDAS: 4 to 6 years old *Invitation only, Boys

Prerequisite: Swordfish or Sharks 1

This is a preteam class and will be preparing for Competitive USA Gymnastics level 4 or Future Stars (an advanced & specialized level of competition

through USAG).


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SCHOOL AGE CLASSES for GIRLS 6 to 18 years old

STEPPING STONES SERIES:  6-11 years old GIRLS only, levels 1-4

Step. Stones Level 1:

Students will work basic gymnastics skills.  Learning terminology, technique, developing strength and flexibility along the way.  Some skills that will be taught include cartwheels, round-offs, rolls, bridges, pulling over the bar, walks and balances on beam.

Step. Stones Level 2: Invitation only, prerequisite level 1

Building upon level 1 skills and gaining more independence.  Students now start to work on skills such as, bridge kick-overs, handstands, back hip circles, and side handstands on beam.

Step. Stones Level 3:  Invitation only, prerequisite level 2

At level 3 students begin work on back handsprings, mat vaulting, more circling skills on bars, and using higher beams.  From Stepping Stones 3, your child could have the opportunity to try out for Competitive Xcel Team Gymnastics.  

Step. Stones Level 4:  Invitation only, prerequisite level 3

This level is the highest recreational level we offer at the gym.  Students work on USAG level 4 skills, including swinging skills on bars, beginning of table vaults, cartwheeling on beam, and more.  Level 4 students will get the opportunity to try out for Competitive Xcel Gymnastics Team.

GYMNASTICS WORKOUT:  Ages 11 to 18 years, Girls only

Gymnastics workout is a specially designed class for the older gymnast.  Girls in this class range from beginner to advanced.  This class is perfect for the beginner who never had the chance to try gymnastics, for the advance ex-team girl wanting to just keep one hand in the sport, or for those athletes of other sports wanting to maintain their strength during the off season.

SCHOOL AGE CLASSES for BOYS 6 to 11 years old

SHARKS Level 1:  6-11 years old Boys only

The Sharks Class will begin the ground work for ​a higher level of Boy's Gymnastics.  Starting out with basics like Round-offs, Rolls, and Handstands on floor will lead to Back Tucks one day.  The boys in Sharks get to use all boy's equipment including Rings and Parallel Bars.